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What’s in a name?

The 3 Monkeys Cafe has been a fantastic host for stitch and bitch for over 5 years, consistently serving great meals (you can never go wrong with the haloumi platter), nommy cake (especially green tea cake) and ridiculously oversized coffees.

Another constant, thanks to the international flavour of the waiting staff, has been the colourful, grammatically and consonant-ly challenged spelling on the reserved post it on our table. Usually we’re missing at least one t, admittedly there are several in stitch and bitch. But this one had to be documented as definitely the worst spelling we’ve ever encountered

Interestingly, the next week the post it was letter perfect, which we think was also a first, but I didn’t have the camera, and I think you can all imaginate what that would look like without too much trouble.


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“Are you free Mr Humphries?” 

“I’m freeee!” 

The photo below proves how excellent an actress Ms Lumley really is.  I believe that only she could appear alluring whilst wearing this awfully dodgy jumper. 

And now: a plea for help.  The beanie needed to be unravelled as it was too small for Margy’s head  (she insists i made it too small, i insist she has a fat head).  This being done, i think i may need a different pattern, or, something.  Anyone got a good link for a 55cm head k2 p2 beanie with that yarn i was using?

 I’m just at a bit of a loss.  It’s too hard to convert the pattern i was using. 

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