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OK, I am back from my trip up the Sunshine Coast to spinning camp.  On the way, I finally went to Jenny King Designs.  I had lunch with the lady herself and met the regulars, how nice is that?  Now, I know I meant it before when I said it, but now I really mean it.  We really NEED to take that road trip.  Lookee what I got, my first ever skein of Araucania (and i don’t want it to be my last).  Ranco multy sock yarn.  NOM

Mmmmm... Ranco

Mmmmm... Ranco

The best bit was that this stuff was a lot cheaper than I would expect to pay for it.  Whoo!

I came back with lots of goodies.  But not as many as I could have.  That is to motivate me for the return trip.  As it turns out the store is only about 10 minutes from The Big Pineapple *cough* and quite easy to find, so *sunshine sundae* we don’t really have much of an excuse now.

Oh, remember that beautiful cashmere and silk laceweight we were shown?  Well there is very little of it left and all of it black (suits me).  I am gonna go write up my shopping list now, while you all think about when you’d like to go.  ‘Cos we are sooo going.  Hmmm, I’ll be needing some Eki Riva alpaca, some, of that Lana Gatto linen, some Doris Chan books, more circular crochet hooks, a tartan weaver needle, more Ranco sock, silk garden lite, that scrummy cashmere silk stuff… oh and I have to try the zuchinni soup from the cafe…


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