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It is with a very heavy heart that I report that the awesome 3 monkeys cafe in West End, our home for nearly 6 (SIX!) years was inundated during the Brisbane Floods and is closed until further notice.

Until they are back serving their dairy laced goodies we are trying to find a temporary location.

Required: a centrally located cafe that possesses the following attributes

  • easy access by train and bus
  • extended opening hours (9pm or later) on weeknights
  • a laid back attitude to a group of 7+ knitters converging for stitching and bitching for several hours every Tuesday night
  • an affordable menu with meals and snacks

If you think you know a cafe that fits the bill please let us know!
Help us interwebs community, you’re our only hope!


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On Sunday we had a rather nice day looking at and then becoming a part of the Asia Pacific Triennial 2010 exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in the DAMP collective plinth. We held a meeting on top of the plinth, becoming a living frieze. People coming inside the cubbyhouse built into the plinth could look up and see us.

An excellent day ending in a great cake binge- art, knitting and cake, is there a better combination?

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I bought the hilarious and cool book Knitted Icons on the weekend, and couldn’t stop until I’d made my very own Godzilla!


 An excellent way also to finally use the one random ball of verigated acrylic I picked up in a Malaysian habby store for about AU45c.

The pattern had a couple of booboos, but nothing to make you angry, in a Melinda C Hunt kind of way anyway (post still to come about that)
He’s my new favourite monster. I think I will call him Ernie-zilla-kun

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finally finished the cosies and sent them off (hooray!). So now that cosy production has officially ceased, I’ve decided to post what the fuss was about

I present Creme Fresh cosies- 2007 teatime range


cupcake (the best seller by far)

fairy cake

fairy cake

lattice tart

lattice tart




strawberry (the first cosy I designed)


Just for Jane the pineapple (part of the fruitbasket range from 2006)

I am so glad I’m never making another one again… or maybe in a couple of years when I’m recovered. So don’t ask, it ain’t gonna happen!! Not for your mum or anyone!

I might publish a booklet of the patterns when I have some time at my disposal one day

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