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A new i knit Brisbane (Guerilla knitting project) event is a parade of reconstructed and knit items from the fashion design students of Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE.
They have designed a project called

DECONSTRUCT recycling RECONSTRUCT creativity

a project in conjunction with Knitting Guerrillas 2010

This project has a sustainable focus, the idea of next generation’s designers working with local textile and yarn developers to create a concept piece for a runway show. See student brief here

The students will be using recycled knitted and crocheted garments deconstructing them and adding newly created pieces of knits and crocheting to produce a new fashion item.

We are hoping to get geometric shapes knitted and crocheted. Your contribution will be credited in the final design and parade. The size is up to 15-20cm square, circles, diamonds etc. The students are hoping to dye them so natural fibres would be great.

You are more than welcome to come along to Mt Gravatt campus 1030 Cavendish Road when they are doing the workshops (see student brief for details) as it would be great to meet the creators of the pieces. The first year students will be working on their concept piece design.

This is also a great opportunity to check out the Fashion School if you have never been there, and to meet some of the textiles teachers.

As I get more details on the workshops I will update the brief and also notify you here.

If you are interested please email me on gorgeousfee@gmail.com


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