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Our Christmas ‘Break’

Well it is that time of year again. The Three Monkeys Cafe are closed for their Christmas break, but as always Brisbane Stitch ‘n’ Bitch KNIT ON 🙂


Tonight we are hanging out at the Pancake Manor on Charlotte Street. See you next Tuesday at Freestyle in West End (back to Three Monkeys after that). Be there!





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Our Sally brought in an FO tonight. An Alot, all hand stitched.


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Well, proceedings kick off today starting with the craft fair at King George Square. It is not as colourful and awesome this year on account of us not making them a garden this time and the square has not been yarn bombed either. I know, a slight bummer we will need to remedy next winter, but still the fair is worth checking out if you can get down there today. Our good friends from Biggan Designs, QSWFA and Voodo Rabbit fabrics are down there with stalls, along with our own Catamation, of course. Other stalls of interest were embroidery, tatting, bark pictures, basketry and there is felt and sewn stuff too. On display there is an origami city hall made from old cheques (from the 40’s, I think) and there is a live bit of ice sculpture too. Now that is a good way to mark the beginning of winter! The market goes until 4pm and there are lounges set up from anyone to sit and knit or craft on Adelaide Street, in the middle of King George Square and also at The Bleeding Heart Cafe on Ann Street (in the old school of arts building opposite the council building). See you there? There are demos on through the day, the ice carving as I mentioned has already begun. Hmmm it is prolly done by now, I must go back to the square to sneak a peek. Sarting about now is a soap making demo and at noon there is a glass bead making one I can’t wait to see. At 1pm is eco aware clothing and at 2 is one on spinning wheels. Which reminds me that I must resist the Kromski spindle I saw down there at The Mountain Spinnery Stall, but it is hard.

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What’s in a name?

The 3 Monkeys Cafe has been a fantastic host for stitch and bitch for over 5 years, consistently serving great meals (you can never go wrong with the haloumi platter), nommy cake (especially green tea cake) and ridiculously oversized coffees.

Another constant, thanks to the international flavour of the waiting staff, has been the colourful, grammatically and consonant-ly challenged spelling on the reserved post it on our table. Usually we’re missing at least one t, admittedly there are several in stitch and bitch. But this one had to be documented as definitely the worst spelling we’ve ever encountered

Interestingly, the next week the post it was letter perfect, which we think was also a first, but I didn’t have the camera, and I think you can all imaginate what that would look like without too much trouble.

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Our first media clipping, a very special event. Check us out in the Brisbane News  magazine. Just ‘turn’ to page 12

Signing of copies will be available at the usual time of Tuesday 7pm at 3 monkeys. No appointment neccessary

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A new i knit Brisbane (Guerilla knitting project) event is a parade of reconstructed and knit items from the fashion design students of Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE.
They have designed a project called

DECONSTRUCT recycling RECONSTRUCT creativity

a project in conjunction with Knitting Guerrillas 2010

This project has a sustainable focus, the idea of next generation’s designers working with local textile and yarn developers to create a concept piece for a runway show. See student brief here

The students will be using recycled knitted and crocheted garments deconstructing them and adding newly created pieces of knits and crocheting to produce a new fashion item.

We are hoping to get geometric shapes knitted and crocheted. Your contribution will be credited in the final design and parade. The size is up to 15-20cm square, circles, diamonds etc. The students are hoping to dye them so natural fibres would be great.

You are more than welcome to come along to Mt Gravatt campus 1030 Cavendish Road when they are doing the workshops (see student brief for details) as it would be great to meet the creators of the pieces. The first year students will be working on their concept piece design.

This is also a great opportunity to check out the Fashion School if you have never been there, and to meet some of the textiles teachers.

As I get more details on the workshops I will update the brief and also notify you here.

If you are interested please email me on gorgeousfee@gmail.com

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OK.  I know most of you will have better pics.  But these will have to do until they go up.  PM me on Rav if you need the password to post.

Well.  I did tell you they were dodgy!  LOL.  This is AFTER I cleaned them up, a lot.  Sorry about that.  But I’ll consider making them go away if someone will put up a full set of good ones 😛

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