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Well, proceedings kick off today starting with the craft fair at King George Square. It is not as colourful and awesome this year on account of us not making them a garden this time and the square has not been yarn bombed either. I know, a slight bummer we will need to remedy next winter, but still the fair is worth checking out if you can get down there today. Our good friends from Biggan Designs, QSWFA and Voodo Rabbit fabrics are down there with stalls, along with our own Catamation, of course. Other stalls of interest were embroidery, tatting, bark pictures, basketry and there is felt and sewn stuff too. On display there is an origami city hall made from old cheques (from the 40’s, I think) and there is a live bit of ice sculpture too. Now that is a good way to mark the beginning of winter! The market goes until 4pm and there are lounges set up from anyone to sit and knit or craft on Adelaide Street, in the middle of King George Square and also at The Bleeding Heart Cafe on Ann Street (in the old school of arts building opposite the council building). See you there? There are demos on through the day, the ice carving as I mentioned has already begun. Hmmm it is prolly done by now, I must go back to the square to sneak a peek. Sarting about now is a soap making demo and at noon there is a glass bead making one I can’t wait to see. At 1pm is eco aware clothing and at 2 is one on spinning wheels. Which reminds me that I must resist the Kromski spindle I saw down there at The Mountain Spinnery Stall, but it is hard.


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After roaming in the cafe wastelands of Brisbane for 40 days, we have ended the journey back where we started

The 3 monkeys has re-opened, and we are BACK!!

A good deal of West End around Boundary Rd was still shut last week, and I can’t wait to see the place back to its old pumping self.

But in the mean time you will find us every Tuesday from 7 pm up the back stitching and nattering like happy nannas with cake 🙂

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It is with a very heavy heart that I report that the awesome 3 monkeys cafe in West End, our home for nearly 6 (SIX!) years was inundated during the Brisbane Floods and is closed until further notice.

Until they are back serving their dairy laced goodies we are trying to find a temporary location.

Required: a centrally located cafe that possesses the following attributes

  • easy access by train and bus
  • extended opening hours (9pm or later) on weeknights
  • a laid back attitude to a group of 7+ knitters converging for stitching and bitching for several hours every Tuesday night
  • an affordable menu with meals and snacks

If you think you know a cafe that fits the bill please let us know!
Help us interwebs community, you’re our only hope!

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A few more pics of our glorious Christmas party.

This whole event is an ode to Miss Vicki’s devotion to excellence in hostessing, and everyone’s enthusiasm for crafting beautiful gifts and food and the pleasure of giving. Especially giving to someone who really appreciates more than anything the effort and love that went into the crafting. It’s what Christmas should be.  The table was fully dressed

A tree stuffed with swap presents

The turkey was huge! and cooked to perfection

The devil is the the details

And good times with good friends old and new

Final words- if you’re making your own christmas crackers, they will take waaay longer than you expected

Merry Christmas! Can’t wait till next year!

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well we had our first working bee for the Guerrilla Garden, and we’re getting along, but there is also still heaps to do!

First highlight though is Jacq’s awesome tawny frogmouth!

What we really need is grass, grass and more grass! I estimate about another 2×3 m at least. Preferably in a range of greens, though I think lime has been very adequately covered!

Less uniform pieces work better, so if you have some green yarn (council supplies have been exhausted) work it in crochet or knit, in circles, trapezoids or just wonky squares and rectangles.

These are laid out on a fabric cutting board, so you can get an idea of dimensions. Each square is 2x2cm. I’d say any piece of minimum 15cm each way is a good start.

You can also see the skin of my tree under production

and some leaves and vines dropped over by Lexy

That’s all I have to show you, there are also a couple of bushes in progress, and some birds, roses and orchids.

Please send me or post pics of your work to date if possible, so we can track!

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On Sunday we had a rather nice day looking at and then becoming a part of the Asia Pacific Triennial 2010 exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art in the DAMP collective plinth. We held a meeting on top of the plinth, becoming a living frieze. People coming inside the cubbyhouse built into the plinth could look up and see us.

An excellent day ending in a great cake binge- art, knitting and cake, is there a better combination?

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We’ve been rather quite on the blog, apologies to those who try to find us here rather than ravelry

Here’s some big news- there’s a fantastic underground knitting graffiti project underway sponsored by the city council. We are involved in a project knitting a garden in a very prominent spot in the CBD.  Here is some information.


You can contact Jennine, or if you would like to join the snb project, please contact me on gorgeousfee@gmail.com or hit us on the ravelry group. If you haven’t joined Ravelry yet please have a look- it is a fantastic website for knitters all over the world!

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