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Hmmm, lemme see. Here's way more than you ever wanted or needed to know... I'm a 33yo gal born in Adelaide, bred and resident in Brisbane. I'm a Project Manager wannabe in the daytime. I craft and cook in the evening, sadly I don't get paid for that. I'm auburn haired, right handed, long sighted and don't seem to be able to sneeze less than three times in a row. I'm a one-pot-screamer, get too many headaches and I 'throw' yarn. I use formulas to remember my passwords, don't take sugar in coffee or tea and I'm the eldest of two children. I'm addicted to chocolate, the Charleston and yarn; but allergic to cats, dust and pain. Although, it feels nice getting my eyebrows waxed and I am not bothered by fingernails on blackboards. Finally, I believe that if one person at the dinner table eats garlic bread, all should eat some of it. That way, none will be able to perceive the others' garlic breath.

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